Do-IT Profiler is a computer based solution (platform) which delivers screening and assessment tools. The platform offers different screeners that deliver a range of specialist assessments for each context. Each screener allows for monitoring and tracking capabilities, enabling evidence measured over time and distance travelled. Bespoke versions are available, tailor-made and suited for a clients unique needs and can be delivered in multiple languages. Which Profiler Screener suits you needs? See below.

The Profilers


Primary and Secondary


TVETs and Universities

Correctional Services

For Inmates

Trade and Artisan Screening

Training Institutions

Points of Interest

This is a diverse collection of resources you may like, both from the Learner Profiler collection and from the wider world.

Towards A Better Understanding

Here are just a few of the reports from the past couple of years. We are told that these reports provide guidance and opens up possibilities in interventions. In fact, We are quite sure that the content outlined in some of these articles will inspire towards a revolution in data-driven planning.

Do-IT Webinars

The range of webinars presented here allow for greater insights in the use of data in understanding a range of measurable phenomena. In many cases, it has been reported to challenge existing and conventional thinking paradigms. View and listen to these webinars and feel free to share.