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Partnership Agencies

Shaping the Learner (STL), a South African agency, has been working with Do-IT Solutions UK, developers of Profiler, since 2012. STL is the South African agent and has been instrumental in ensuring Profiler is fit for purpose in the SA context.

A group of powerful Clinical and Community Psychologists, educationist, legal experts and Social Workers has developed the companies into powerful service delivery units that focus on the areas of social, educational and community development.

The directors of both STL and Do-IT, have extensive experience in the area of organisational development, research, education and more.

The companies are also involved in the design, implementation and coordination of development programs at government and community level across the world. STL and DO -IT have been working with organizations like the South African – Gauteng Department of Education, the Eastern Cape Department of Education, DHET structures and colleges such as Westcol, Tshwane North College and others in designing intervention programmes.