The Primary and Secondary School Profiler

What is the Learner Profiler?

The Learner Profiler Assessment tool is a computerised and web-based assessment tool that promotes a multi-level strategy to support school personnel at any level – to screen, identify and measure literacy and numeracy requirements among learners. The system is an online/offline web-based computer assessment system that can test one or many learners in a class, grade, school or district and produce instant reports.

Is it Suited for South African Learners?
The system is South African and is normed locally (compares local learners to local scores) and is highly ethical. It updates its norms every day in real-time! The reports assist schools and officials to produce pointed and highly scientific reports. Can assess 1000’s of students in a day and provide real-time same-day reports and high level data.

What Does it Assess?

The learner profiler for primary and secondary schools (private or public) identifies a range of skills (strong or weak) in literacy, numeracy, study skills, study trends, dyslexia and other learning barriers in under 90 minutes. The assessments are often sound guided and can be used to screen in the area of special needs, mildly intellectually developed and mainstream schools. Bespoke versions and languages are created for any country and context. For example, current versions in SA are in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English and Sotho.

Secondary School Career Placement Tool Into TVET Colleges
The screener for high school (Gr 9 – 12) learners into TVET Colleges (private or public) are also currently available.

Who Has Been Using Profiler?

The school based profiler has been used by the South African Eastern Cape of Education Department in over 32 districts in its Full Service Schools. In the Gauteng Province in SA various schools are using the learner profiler. The Kip McGrath Education Centres have also introduced the learner profiler as a screener of choice. See


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