Higher Education Student Profiler

Technical Vocational Education Colleges (TVET’s) and Universities

The Student Profiler Assessment tool offers many solutions (See quick summary here) for institutions of higher learning. Among these innovations are as follows:

Can the Student Profiler Do Course Placement?

It can ensure correct course placement and the benefit thereof such as increase retention by assisting matching of student skills to course needs.

What About Disability Screening?

The Student Profiler can assist with the screening and construction of a disabled (hidden and non-hidden) student database, while producing a report on every student, a profile of students per course or campus/es.

Can Profiler Identify Literacy & Numeracy Competency?

Support officials are able to have first hand knowledge of the weaknesses (e.g. literacy and mathematics) of one or many students, enabling surgical and directed language or mathematical support.

How Can This System Help Student Counselling?

The Profiler system can collect information that is the basis for provision of student support counselling. Understand the support requirements of each student, course or campus population.

Can The Profiler Collect Study Needs of a Student?

Obtain evidence of support needs in Study Skills and study needs. Obtain self-reported student information and benchmarked for deviations against larger student populations. Outliers are marked for intervention. The information collected covers time-management,organisation and planning skills, exam preparation needs and note-taking information. Home-based and social demographic informationallows for context and needs identification. The system connects relevant campus staff with the student/s creating multi-level access and sharing of student profiling information with academic staff. Connects students that have support requirements to resources and support.

How Can Senior Management Benefit?

Proifler allows for the execution of legislated government White Paper 6 (2001), legislation on fostering an inclusive learning environment and enhancing disability support. The system allows for increase retention and certification rates by matching individual abilities skills with skill required and also enhance strategic planning (including budgeting).This system will assist with monitoring and evaluation of service delivery at all lower levels by allowing for tracking of student progress. The advanced system also enables the provision of potential links into commerce including skills validation. The Profiler also streamlines cross-validation of student registration for auditing purposes and generate reports that provide the basis for government (DHET) statistics.

Quick Ideas

Can track improvement over time? – Yes, such as study skills, study needs language support progress and mental health are examples.
Cut down time, for efficiency? Screen thousands of students in any amount of days. Poor Internet is not a problem: Install on a a server and update periodically Streamline and improve the efficiency of screening for support services. Remotely monitor service delivery on campuses and in courses from the comfort of your office, car or home. Streamline and align the registration process with administration requirements such as bursary support, additional disability support and accommodations

What Are The Assessment Batteries? (Click on bold)

The Student Profiler contains a range of batteries that can be used in a variety of ways. The Higher Education practitioner can choose any combinations of assessments such as Literacy, or Numeracy to obtain results based on the required outcomes. Among the buffet of assessment batteries are course choices/placement, mental health (wellness), disability, dyslexia screener, occupational challenges (visual spatial, copy typing), study skills, study background information (home context, travelling, exposure to trauma etc) and exit (work readiness) screeners. The system also offers a full management dashboard that allows for the evaluation and monitoring functionalities. The most useful is the fact that it has multi-access levels for lecturers, students support officers and higher level management – all segmented according to a “need-to-know” level.

See Endorsements from Others

The Student Profiler is currently used by a range of institutions in Higher Education and is fast becoming the system of choice. Our Profiler system have tested over 76000 students over the past two years with a projected 100 000 to be tested in the next year!

What our clients say:

The Profiler gives college staff the responsibility to work together in order to provide an effective early intervention process to enhance student engagement, retention and success.

Wilma van Jaarsveld – Westcol TVET College

Profiler gives or has a potential of giving an educator a context and allows them to know what they are dealing with and why they can assist students with a number of challenges that they have.

Elgie Strusla – PEC Dower Campus

Profiler shows where the students have problems. The student report tells the student how to improve on himself and where he has problems. The students can then go and work on the areas where they have problems. But what I like most is the lecturers profile where one can see where the students are having difficulties and how they have to treat a student and assist the student and what external help a student needs to progress in his studies. I would recommend this to any student, to take the test and the results go on the student’s record and if a student struggles in class the lecturer can bring the student to be tested. We can give those results and they can assist. I recommend that all the students have to take the test in order for us to assist them

Lee-Ann Pretorius – South West Gauteng College