Trade and Artisan Screening

The Do-IT Profiler is software-as-a-service developed by Do-It Solutions Ltd to help identify skills, abilities, strength and weaknesses, monitor and evaluate over time, and offer support and recommendations based on data analysis at individual and institutional levels.

Key areas are:
Measurement – Uses cognitive assessment and self-reporting to collect data
Evaluation – Uses complex algorithms developed with sector leaders
Reporting – Provides feedback and advice at individual and organisational levels
Management – Offers extensive management capability at individual and organisation levels

 What is Contained in the Test Batteries?

The testing consists of the following components;
Trade theory test, Literacy tests, Numeracy tests and Practical tests (practical on request)

Trade theory tests

These were originally paper-based tests, which have now been converted to computerised versions. This includes making many of them into multiple choice (from open ended), largely carried out by STL. Most items have just a single point for each answer.

Literacy Tests

The original paper-based version had a number of different approaches including word knowledge and comprehension. These have been replaced by a series of separate tests which offer the opportunity to identify where are the specific problems. For example, it will be possible to say if the issue is literacy or second language.

Numeracy test

This test is made to evaluate numeracy skills required for the artisan jobs.

Practical test

A system has been created which offers the opportunity for supervisors to score practical skill during the testing process.

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